There's Always Something Going on at DYRYP

There's Always Something Going on at DYRYP
The students of Explore! standing with Mr. Larry Williams, President of CareerWorks, Inc.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Announcement: Job Readiness Workshop, Part 2

Spring is here again, the school year is almost over, and once again you’re dreaming about EARNING MONEY with a summer job. Well, STOP DREAMING because Summer Job Placement for our 2007 Summer Employment Activity has just begun!

This year, the Summer Job Placement agenda will include:
· Job Placement
· The Dress the Part Workshop
· Debut Bank Card Application
· Picture IDs

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!! Call today to speak with your YOUTH SPECIALIST, and be the first one on your block to get a Summer Job Assignment!!!

We hope to see you soon. Until then, have a productive school year.

Note: If you did not complete Part 1 of the Job Readiness Workshop, you will NOT get a summer job!

Job Readiness is a Journey, not a Destination

After completing Part 1 of our Job Readiness Workshop, our participants will demonstrate a new level of service commitment to their respective worksites this summer. Last month, each of our student "trainees" were taught valuable lessons on ways of earning a job interview, setting a good first impression, and maintaining a good rapport with management and cowokers. The training included:

Pre-Mock Interview: Students were broken up in pairs, and instructed to conduct mock interview sessions with each other. This was primarily used as an icebreaker, but the practice of looking someone in the eye, and answering tough questions with sharp responses is all a significant part of having a professional job interview.

Building Rapport: This section of the workshop tends to be the most enriching as it focuses on teaching students about using etiquette, demonstrating your ability, and diversity. Also, students examine tips on Workplace Violence Prevention and the policy on Workplace Sexual Harassment.

Dress the Part: Students took a brief True and False quiz regarding proper work attire.

Influencing Others: Participants explored ways of using their communication style to inspire people to accept and suppoirt their ideas, plans, or actions: a vital step in the process of Leadership Development.

Master Application: A mock job application was distributed to every student for their personal practice. This exercise familiarized our inexperienced youth with the kinds of information that are found on typical job applications.

Teamwork: Students took a brief quiz on listing 5 characteristics of positive and negative attitudes. Also, students explored more ways to collaborate with others on the job, and resolve conflicts in a professional manner.

If you missed out on this MANDATORY workshop, we are offering this class one last time! The final date has been set for Saturday, May 5th, at 10:00 am at 1300 Rosa Parks Blvd. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Youth Specialist as soon as possible!